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Alpha & Omega Artist Interview with Phily Rapper Don Pope Dotta


What Drives Pope? I'm on a quest to be recognized as a clever and creative lyricist. The lack of recognition that I have is what drives me to become even sharper.

What are your most motivating Life and career Influences ? Every black man that has ever started a multi million music movement centered around their own passion and talent.

How does your music represent you as an artist? My music is melodic and full of layers in the same way that I am as an artist. I draw, paint, and take pictures in addition to music. 


How Did you come up w/ the concept for the Squuaaaad video ? I wanted to show how success was attainable with the right team. Then, I wanted to pay homage to the classic movie warriors.

There's a portion w/ a man in chains what was the creative thinking behind that ? The man was the symbolic interpretation of success and at that point success was our bitch and ready to be taken advantage of (pause lol) by the whole squad.

How do you want your craft/music to be perceived in today's culture where most people are rapping about drugs and using drugs and that influence on our youth, can you elaborate? Im not gonna front on ADULTS getting lit sometimes but control your sh*t. Also,  we not robots so I expect artists to have more things to Express than drugs 24/7. I get busy sometimes but I talk about it even less.. same thing with gun play except I talk even less. I'm not even sure if my music fits in with today's culture, but I feel it's a different voice that says do almost everything but in moderation and as long as it don't hurt the next man... like homie do you but from a distance 












The Artistry

What is the philosophy behind creating a project for Pope? I figure out what's the purpose of the project meaning it's it for the masses or is it "freestyle", then I call one of my producers and tell them i feel like writing and they usually send me between 5and 50 beats to pick from. From there I just select beats based on the immediate feel the beat gives me. Each beat has like 15seconds to tell me what it wants me to say on it. Sound weird right?

What steps do you take when you want to create a song- and push it. ie; writing/ song development, performing, videos?
Grab that jawn, blow a L to it and capture the vibe. We have everything in house so we record and mix our tracks then send them off to get mastered.  I repeat this process over and over again until I feel like I at least have 7strong songs. Once I have my 7, I try pick the strongest tracks and put a budget behind them. Everything is about good bud and good vibes. 

Do you feel it's necessary to have that type bad publicity (industry beef) to be successful in record sales and popularity? Ehhhh naw. I think it's necessary now and days to fu*k with everybody. I'm about being good in every hood

We salute Don Pope Dotta for his Talent, Originality and Creativity 

                                       - A&O Records


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