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Choose your Artist Level

  • Pro Artist

    Every month
    Perfect for experienced music artist
    • Unlimited Performance Opportunities
    • Weekly Promotion for music videos
    • Get Listed as a Featured Artist
    • Blog, TV & Magazine submissions
    • Personalized Artist development Guide
  • Basic Level

    Every month
    Great for artist taking a leap of faith in their talent
    • Personalized Artist development Guide
    • Monthly Show Opportunity
    • Monthly Song Promotion
  • Best Value

    Growing Artist

    Every month
    Ideal for artist ready for next level
    • Unlimited Show Opportunities
    • Limited submissions for song Placement & licensing
    • Limited Record Label Submission
    • Biweekly Song/ Video Promotion
    • Personalized Artist development Guide

Due to heavy demand. All submissions are NOT accepted. We carefully choose the artist we work with so that each client we add to our roster gets 100% dedication from us. We appreciate your request to join our winning team ! -Alpha & Omega Records

Opportunities include live performances, appearances and media. Show opportunities do not include the following services:  artist development - music recording services - music recording mixer - song writing - music recording in-studio and/ or publishing services.

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