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From the Underground to Mainstream: The Rise of HiP Hopular in Hip Hop

Alpha & Omega Records sits down with the Original King Of Hip Hop Comedy " Ike Love'' after his stand up comedy night at Wilmington Delaware's Grand Opera House.  His ambiance reflected a true Hip Hop pioneer as he gracefully blessed us with a blast from his past but the The visionary that is, Ike Love is just getting started!  Before the world of Drink Champs and other Hip Hop podcasts Ike love was broadcasting Hip Hop culture via a show called "Hip Hopular Opinion" .  Back in 2009 Ike Love was already addressing the state of Hip Hop and the values it attributed that actually shaped the Hip Hop scene we know and see today.   The days where the Goat of music Nas released Stillmatic  and the female Lil Wayne - Nicki Minaj was on the rise, Ike Love was just a hidden Gem. One topic Ike Love touched on is so prominent today Roe Vs Wade. He proclaimed "Salt N Pepa (Female Rap Duo) was visual Rappers" & "Nicki Minaj is Gay" although admitting "I could be wrong" proves that men throughout history holds bias opinions in matters that should be left alone to the only deciding factor that matters in the subject of reproductive health- Women!   Even the biggest pussy of all kitties Donald J. Trump undermined the impact that women hold in the modern day world, when he stated that he just " grab' em by the pussy" . Today we see just how impactful women are in what used to be a male dominated music Industry. So we ask the question as Hip Hop recently celebrated its 50th anniversary; Is Hip- Hop Dead? Well..make sure you stay tuned and connected with Alpha & Omega Records because Ike Love is certainly more than a comedian and he definitely grants us more than something to laugh at. We look forward to seeing more of him as the main comedic headliner for Alpha & Omega Media Co 2024 tours and More!


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