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Uncovering the Heart of the Philly Music Scene: An Interview with Rapper and Entertainer Ganier

Alpha & Omega pulled up on one of Philly's hottest upcoming rappers- GANIER, at 5th street lounge. The Philly artist talked to us about how she prepares for the performance of the night and her new single release. What stood out the most was how she was able to catch the vibes of the other performers on the Hip Hop On Deck stage while mentally preparing to give the upmost delivery on her set. The Philly artist persona went from cool and laid back to full on Star studded !

Between the the other artist putting on some dope performances and the energy from the host, before we knew it... showtime. Dressed in a custom diamond embedded black bomber jacket complimented by black Jeans and over the top sneaks, Ganier took the stage giving the crowd the energy needed to pick up the momentum . Performing her new single titled "Kitten & Go" which is a high tempo, up-beat track with catchy lyrics. Ganier served the audience a electrifying performance from the time the beat dropped to the last lyric. Ganier's performance would serve as all the reason why this Philly rapper is definitely a musician we want to keep up with. Be sure to follow Ganier , check out the full performance below, more pics and stay tuned as we keep up with this artist on the rise !!!


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